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Perfect for a Southern Illinois Family Reunion


Video of cabins and surrounding area - 12 min

Video of Garden of Gods Country - 30 min           (Exceptional video on the wonderment of the four county area around our cabins)

Quick list of "What is there to do?"

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Bob and I live on the property so are available should you need us.

For a wonderful massage call Sheila Brown (does chair massages too) at 618-444-9075.    Make an appointment and  will come to the cabin.  $30 for 30 minutes or $60 for 60 minutes (can be split between two)Sheila would do four chair massages for $60.00.  She now offers a hot and or cold stone massage for $75 an hour.  This kind of massage is deeply relaxing and very effective at relieving tension, loosening and lengthening tightened areas and relieving paid.  Make appointment as much in advance as possible.



Cabin Amount Per Night Max Persons
Cougar Bluff $100 4
Bear's Den  


Deer Run  (*2 people see below)





Coyote Hollow $130 5
Eagle's Retreat     (*2 people see below)  




Plus 11% bed tax (state 6% county 5%)


*For just two people Deer Run will be $150 and Eagle's Retreat will be $160. Exception is January and February when we give 33% discount off of full price even for two.   NOTE:  Deer Run now has another roomy full bath and Eagle's Retreat has an additional half bath in the loft.  These discounts do not apply in January and February as we give an overall discount of 33%.


33% discount if you stay in January and February  (discount and deposit will be figured on "full price".  Final total will reflect 33% off)

Two night minimum (if the calendar shows one night in between bookings we will book one night)


Large gatherings:  Together our cabins sleep a total of 32 plus.  (Ask about the plus)  


GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE (I will make up a gift card just for the person and any occasion)  Remember, great Christmas presents and January and February are 33% off. 

Reservations require 50% in advance.  Beginning November 1st, 2015 you will make the deposit at the same time you make your reservation.   You may also make periodic payments or pay your final balance through the site as well.  We will take checks, cash or credit card for your final balance when you arrive.   Thank you Check calendar for availability


In the past we have allowed (through November) the next year bookings without a deposit.  We have then collected the deposit in January.  With the new reservation system requiring a credit card payment at time of booking this gets a little more complicated.  Just send me an email or call me and we will do it manually.


Note:  You may book two ways.  The best way is to use our new on line reservation system.  You will be booked immediately and do not need to talk with us and you will be required to make a 50% deposit .   The "reservation" calendar is updated automatically.  If you prefer to call or email us to make your reservation wait until we personally give you the go ahead that the dates are available to make your deposit.  I'll update the "Powell" monthly calendar as soon as I see the "on line reservations".  I keep that calendar on the site because so many of you like the convenience of viewing a "month" at a time.  But, I do have to manually update it.  I do suggest you use the on line reservation system to get your dates in immediately.  The big "Powell" calendar is updated manually so the "reservation" system is the "final word".  

I have seen too many times when someone misses their date by leaving a message - in the meantime someone books the date and secures it using the reservation system.

We strongly recommend that you do NOT use your GPS to find us. (This is getting better)  We have great directions on our web site coming from all directions.  If not clear call us for the best directions.  Our address does not show up in the GPS/navigational systems.  If it does, it seems to take the long way around and has caused some people to be lost for hours.


Cell phone coverage is not the greatest here.  Verizon and Alltel seem to do the best.  We do have wifi in all cabins. Eagle's Retreat and Deer Run have phones  (no long distance except calling card).


Amtrak Info:  The closest Amtrak station is Carbondale, Il.  The train runs North from Chicago and South from New Orleans.  We are only about 1 hour and 10 minutes from the station.  The rental car agency in the station is www.enterprise.com or 800 rent-a-car.


We now have generators for those rare occasions when the electricity goes out.


We are on county water here.  We have been told our water is very, very good as far as taste AND we were recently told our water is the most pure in Southern Illinois.


Plan on bringing any food type items.  There is usually salt and pepper and other condiments but don't count on it.  We do provide coffee and popcorn.  But bring everything else that you require.  We recommend you pick up your food on the way down.  Harrisburg has a Kroger and a Super Wal-Mart.  There are some small markets for items but especially vegetables are limited.  There is a wonderful restaurant in Harrisburg (may be right on your way down) that has great takeout.  Check http://morellosonline.com/ .  You could pick up a great meal on your way through town.  Their number is 618-252-2300.  All types of food...Very good  Another awesome place in Harrisburg is the Barbeque Barn.  Really good ribs.   All types of food.  http://www.yelp.com/biz/the-bar-b-q-barn-harrisburg   618-252-6190  Yummy desserts.  Carry out


We do provide DRY wood for the fire, but bring something to start it such as fire starters, lighter fluid, newspapers, fire log, etc. 


We do not provide charcoal for the grills anymore.  If you want to grill out bring your own charcoal and lighter.  There is a gas grill at the pavilion near Deer Run as well as all cabins.    All cabins have charcoal grills as well and a fire pit with wood provided. 


We decorate for Christmas through New Years. Be sure and tell us if you would rather not have decorations in the cabin.


Cancellation Policy  (Note new cancellation policy)
Refunds given for cancellation if notified 14 days prior to check in. If something unexpected comes up within the two weeks before (exception in red  below**) the reservation let us know immediately.  We will put back on the calendar.  If we rent we will refund.  If we do not rent you may use your deposit another time on the "FINAL BALANCE".  This means when you rebook you will send deposit as usual.  **NOTE BEGINNING 2016:  If you cancel at last minute (three days or less before reservation) and we cannot rent you will forfeit your deposit and the final balance due will be deducted from your credit card. 

Check In / Check Out
Check in 3:00

Check out 11:00   MUST BE OUT BY 11:00 UNLESS OTHER ARRANGEMENTS HAVE BEEN MADE.  OUR CLEANING FOLKS DRIVE A WAYS TO GET HERE AND ARE PAID BY THE HOUR.   WE HAVE QUITE A TURNOVER AND IF YOU ARE NOT OUT IT CAUSES QUITE A PANIC UNLESS OTHER ARRANGEMENTS HAVE BEEN MADE.  Remember, we only have five rooms and usually someone else is waiting to get in.  You delaying your departure causes lots of problems.


(if the cabins are empty the day you leave you are welcome to extend your checkout  IF I do not have someone scheduled to clean- if the cabins are empty the night before you arrive you are welcome to come early if we cleaned previously. Just talk to us about your wishes.

Our cabins are in a private setting with forest all around. Bear's Den, Cougar Bluff and Deer Run are in the same general vicinity.....far enough apart not to be intrusive - but close enough to use for family gatherings. You cannot see our house, but we are nearby on the property. Our guests feel secure, but have their privacy as well. Coyote Hollow and Eagle's Retreat are a short distance away from the other three cabins and are close enough to use for family gatherings, but far enough apart not to be intrusive. We are just off a very beautiful blacktop which wanders through the Shawnee National Forest. The only gravel road is our lane to the cabins.


We have a wonderful pavilion with a concrete floor, picnic tables, gas grill and two charcoal grills.  It has lots of plug ins as well.  This pavilion is free for our guest's use.  If you want to have a large gathering, wedding or reception at the pavilion we only ask that all cabins (especially the three nearby i.e. Bear's Den, Cougar Bluff and Deer Run) be rented by the party holding the event.  That way there won't be an intrusion on someone else trying to get away to the peace and quiet of the forest. 

Rules & Regulations


Bob and I have lovingly put a lot of effort into making the cabins cozy and comfortable just for you....Please leave them as you found them. Out of thousands of guests we have only had a handful leave dirty dishes or trash the cabins.  That says a lot.  We thank you........ Beginning in 2016 if you leave the cabin a mess you will be automatically charged a $50 cleanup fee. 


We are NOT a party destination.  Don't mind people having a little fun and if you have rented all cabins have at it....but most people come here for peace and quiet.  If you need a place to party better go somewhere else. 

We are extremely pet friendly. We do not charge extra for pets. But, we do expect pet owners to clean up after their pets - especially pet hair. Pets should not be left loose or uncrated when you are gone from the cabin. The most well behaved pet will get upset if left in an unfamiliar place by themselves. If we continue to receive the wonderful cooperation from pet owners we will be able to continue our policy of welcoming pets.  As of 9/30/2009 we have a two dog limit.  As always, make sure we know you have pets coming with you.  We have one dog who is quite aggressive with outside dogs (due to one jumping her).  I always lock her up when other dogs are on the property. 

For Allergy sufferers:  Don't let our pet friendly policy deter you from coming to stay with us.  We do a thorough job of cleaning and will double clean and disinfect if you tell us you have allergies....

-No smoking


-No fireworks


-No atv's or dirt bikes.  Shawnee Forest does not allow motorized vehicles but Williamson Hill

 will allow bikes.

-We feel you will not be comfortable if you have more than four  in Cougar Bluff.  Cougar Bluff is cute and wonderfully appointed, but  not large. Consider Bear's Den, Deer Run, Coyote Hollow or Eagle's Retreat if you need more room.  Deer Run has two full baths.  Eagle's Retreat has a bath and one half.


We suggest you bring plenty of bug spray and use it.  We keep the cabin area mowed but there are insects in the area any time it is warm....if you get in the weeds or bushes while you are hiking or fishing you should protect yourself with bug spray.  Remember, your furry friends will be low to the ground and may bring bugs to you.  We have the old time chiggers and a nasty little biter called a turkey mite.  I call it a mutant chigger.  They really itch when they bite.  Just wear bug spray...try to stay out of the weeds and you should be fine.  Ticks are here as well especially in the Spring and early Summer.  Just be prepared.......You are in and near the woods.

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