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Addressing Concerns During Your Stay:

We aim to please and love when guests are satisfied with the grounds & amenities, we have set up many ways to communicate your pleasure or displeasure. If something we can immediately rectify in your cabin does not meet your standards, please contact us right away. If you do not contact us upon arrival of your concerns, do not expect a refund. 

  1. Cleanliness. We have a very diligent housekeeper, but no one is perfect.

  2. Missing items (bottle opener, spatula, etc), appliance doesn’t work, A/C/Heater not performing.

  3. "Nice to know" items can be communicated through comment box in cabin.

  4. Any cause for concern should be escalated immediately, we want to ensure you have a great stay!


Payment in full is expected when making your reservation. We have had to change our policy with the understanding that this is new to many of our guests and we will be happy to work with the faithful, long timers.

New Process:

  1. Make reservation online or by phone; paying full balance. 

  2. Cancellations greater than 2 weeks prior to your stay will receive a full refund.

  3. Cancellations within 2 weeks prior to stay will receive a 50% refund. 


We were hoping to never have to address as we run a pretty, laid-back operation; but guests leaving without paying has unfortunately become a problem.  

Our Process for Non-Payment:​​

  1. If arrangements have not been made or payment has not cleared/been received within 24 hours of departure we will turn the unpaid invoice over to collections.


Please abide by the maximum number of guests allowed in each cabin. The number is chosen based on accommodations, utilities allotment and comfort. Also, this enables us to have a flat rate instead of charging for each individual person. There will not be a charge for additional people; your group will be asked to reduce the number to the maximum people, rent additional cabins or vacate the property. This also applies to visitor's. 

Cleaning Policy:

Standard cleaning charge do not apply.  We do expect you to throw your trash away, to do your dishes, put soiled towels and linens in the hamper (hang wet) and if it's particularly dirty, sweep/clean up a bit. If you have a pet, you are expected to clean up after them inside and out. This keeps your costs down by not having Pet Fees. We're gonna clean the cabin too, but if there is excessive cleaning to be done, we reserve the right to charge up to a $50 cleaning fee. Thankfully, this is very, very rare. 

Noise Policy:

Quiet time is considered 10pm-8am. Basically, it comes down to not bothering the other guests. If it's a calm night, it can be extremely quiet, and sound really travels, so be conscious of that. We're sure you like your music, your neighbor may not. Please be considerate. Let us know if there is a problem. We live on the property and are available to ensure you  have a peaceful stay. 

Pet Policy:

There are no Pet Fees, but as stated above, you are expected to pick up after them. We don't necessarily have a leash law. If you can control your dog and keep it from bothering other guests and/or chasing our animals, it doesn't need a leash. If you can't keep your pet from bothering the other guests or chasing animals, then they should be on a leash. We have never had any kind of incident with wild animals and pets on the property, knock on wood, but there are a few (but rare) predators in the Shawnee, so please be mindful.

Bugs and Pests:

Thankfully mosquitoes are not much of a problem. There are ticks from spring until the first couple hard freezes in winter. We recommend using tick repellent and avoid brushing up against brush as much as possible on the trails. Pets should be treated and/or checked regularly as well. We keep Wasp spray available at the cabins as occasionally bees or wasps can be a problem. Generally, if you leave them alone, they will leave you alone, but..... If you see any signs of unwelcome pests, please let us know immediately so that we may address during your stay. Also, if you need help evicting a spider; we can help with that too. The Orkin exterminator regularly services each cabin to ensure a pest free visit, so if there is something out of the ordinary please let us know so we can have a target treatment performed in addition to the preventive maintenance. 

Cancellation Policy:

You must CALL to cancel a reservation; we do not accept email, web messages or text for cancellations. We understand things come up and life may get in the way of your plans, we feel we have a more than fair cancellation policy.

  1. No shows, or early check outs will be responsible for the full amount.

  2. 0-14 Days Prior to Stay: We keep 50% of full payment if we cannot get the cabin re-rented. If re-rented, then you get the 100%  back.

  3. 14+ Days Prior to Stay: Full refund of the payment.

  4. We do not hold you responsible for the entire cost or additional cancellation fee greater than 2 weeks which differs greatly from other property managers. 

Allowable Age and "Do No Rent" Policy:

Must be 25 to make a reservation and that person must be present during the stay. We reserve the right to not accept reservations from anyone we decide not to rent too. We do our best to have nice clean cabins for you to rent and we are a "for profit" business. If, for any reason, we decide we do not want your money to stay at OUR property, then we can decline your reservation. This is rare, but there have been issues with some guests that we have decided we no longer want their business. This is in the best interest of us and all of our guests that come to respectably enjoy our cabins and property.

We do not take reservations for more than a year in advance, due to conflicts that could arise. 

Download information about local mercantile & recreation, cabin contents and TV stations.  
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