Steve & Tara
Dec 14, 2018

Jackson Falls


Edited: Dec 19, 2018

An amazing area to hike around and miles and miles of bluffage and the unique rock formations that Southern Illinois is know for! Please see map below to find out where you can get to the bottom of the Hollow (#1 is easiest and quickest route).

Some nice waterfalls but they are wet weather only. There will usually be at least a trickle most of winter with bigger flows following rain. The area is also the climbing mecca of the area with huge amounts of routes. This is a top is our #3 area to explore behind Garden and Rim Rock.

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  • Steve & Tara
    Dec 14, 2018

    The Observation Trail THE main attraction of the area. Extremely photogenic and easily accessible for everyone (wheelchairs should go clockwise around loop). You can be on the rocks in less than 15 minutes from our property. Worthy of multiple trips during same visit and looks amazingly different in sunny or cloudy skies, morning and evening and in every season. Can get close up to the bizarre bands and rock formations the area is known for.
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