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Guided Hiking in the Eastern Shawnee

Our area of the Shawnee might simply be the very best collection of hiking anywhere in the Midwest. The eastern Shawnee National Forest is jam packed with great trails full of really cool rock formations, bluffs and creeks. It can be overwhelming even for experienced hikers.


We are here to help, with or without a guide service. If you would like guide service, there are not many people that know this area better than Steve. 7 years of living in the heart of it: 100's of trips to Garden of the Gods, 100's of trips to Rim Rock and dozens of trips to many other great hiking destinations such as: High Knob, Jackson Falls, Burden Falls, Bell Smith Springs, Sand Cave, Stone Face, Pounds Hollow and much more.

For a list of possible areas to hike, click here

If you need to book a cabin, click here


Since everyone has different hiking experience and ability, we will discuss prior to the date of the hike what you want to see and come up with a plan for you to enjoy as much of the Shawnee as possible. Maybe it's 1 long trail, maybe we hit lots of short trails. Whatever works best for YOU. Always happy to help teach people how to take better pics or navigate with a map or GPS app.



Pricing - $75 for 2 hours up to 4 people.  • Additional hours $30/hr. • Additional hikers- flat fee of $10 per

To schedule a hike:

or call / text Steve at 314-223-3061

All hikers must sign a waiver and Steve has to be comfortable that all hikers being able to handle the planned hiking.

Rim Rock

Garden of the Gods

Pounds Hollow

Lusk Creek

Jackson Falls

Indian Point

Burden Falls

Burden Falls

Jackson Falls

Buzzards Roost

High Knob

Sand Cave

Bell Smith Springs

Rim Rock

Arch of the Gods

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