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Life at Rim Rock's Dogwood Cabin's

We are so happy that you stopped by for a visit. We are the new owners for the Rim Rock's Dogwood Cabin's (RRDC) and plan on using this blog to communicate what's happening here; and there is always something happening from the mundane like a weekday hike at Garden of the God's to the awe inspiring fact that our chicken Molly started laying eggs this week!!

Anyway, I digress. We purchased the cabins in December 2016 from Bob & Dixie who built the house and business from the ground up...literally in 2006. We are attempting to maintain and continue to grow knowing we have big shoes to fill but thankfully they pointed them in the right direction!! We have added one cabin, Dog House, which we both have a great fondness and are excited to share. More upgrades to come 2018.

Dolly Llama selfie with Steve in the van.

When Steve is not taking selfies with Dolly he manages the day to day business as well as the landscaping and animals. So most of the time you will get Steve when you call. He knows much more and can answer all of your questions; including the surrounding recreational area's that have the best hiking and trails.

During the week, I work as a Quality Director in Healthcare and help out in the

evenings and weekends. Mostly with the animals and visiting with the guests as that is my favorite part!! Recently we have found out just how much personality Chickens have, especially Molly who requires daily snuggles. So if you see us out make sure you stop and chat. We can introduce you to the animals and get you some feed (they are always hungry) so you can get up close and personal.

To round out the team we were lucky enough to retain Courtney, who keeps the cabins clean and thankfully helps fill all the gaps we didn't realize we had!! If you see a white SUV with a RRDC sticker then that's probably her. If you need anything she would be happy to help, just ask.

This is our first blog and hope that you enjoy it as much as we do sharing our experiences. If you don't find what you are looking for shoot us a message or add your own comment. Meanwhile, subscribe to our blog to see more Molly antics!!

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