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Hoppy Easter!!!!


Yep, it's that time of year. The sound of Spring flower's opening, grass greening and bunnies hopping and possibly a snow flake here and there! We would like to introduce Alice & Rusty the latest additions to our little menagerie!!


Now all we need are some turtles so we have races. Then we would see who the real winner is; my money's on the bunny's!

Right now we have the bunny's nestled inside until it warms up but soon they will be hopping around their little yard and welcoming visitors. They are very energetic; and eag"ear" to see everyone.

Guineas & Baby Chicks

Also in about 8 weeks we will be letting out the newest flock additions...... french pearl guineas, did you know they consume 4000 ticks a day? Those cute little chirpers are hungry!! Anyway, I got distracted by the thought of more birds. Who wouldn't, they are so cute.

Maggie & Rusty
Maggie & Tina

We aren't the only one who is welcoming our new additions!! Maggie, Olly & Coty love them too. Especially Maggie, she is the always looking for a playmate. She keeps going up and giving them kisses and get's so excited when we get them out to play. She is the dog that keeps on greeting, just ask Tina!!

Thankfully, Steve always has had a soft spot for perky ears...


I must say this has been a most unpredictable winter. Just last week we felt like we were in a snow globe, the flakes were so big. They quickly piled up to a whooping 7 inches. Beautiful but short lived at 54 degrees. Below are a few pictures of the snow globe snow & Steve's version of a bonfire.

Steve's Fire

Hope that you get a chance to visit soon. Tara

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