One Year and counting....

Our one year anniversary has passed and we cannot be more excited. We had a vision and although it exactly did not come to even bigger plan was in motion and for that we could not be happier!!

-New Cabin...Check (You can't understand the naming struggles with this one; ranged from fox hole to llama lair to horse stall and we have to admit the glaring obvious of Dog House won. (Cat House was really not in the running as it would have been difficult to keep a straight face when booked...)




-extra Mini Donkey's....wait these weren't on the list but that was an oversight by us! They should have been! Look at their excitement just to see Steve. Kinda like me!

-extra Cat.....again not on the list but love her anyway!!

-extra Dog.....again not on the list but she has wormed her way into our heart and under our blankets and onto our computer.