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What is there to do there?

I've been traveling to California for work and have met some really great people. After listening to me ramble on about Rim Rocks Dogwood Cabins and showing picture after picture of the sites and animals; she said "I'd love to come visit, what is there to do there?"

I really had to consider her question. It is difficult explaining how utterly quiet it is at night, and how the sky quietly fills up with millions of stars. How you can hike around the property, and even wander down the River to River trail and not see another person. Two miles down the road you can put your canoe in the water and be at peace with the rhythmic splash of your paddle. Or 6 miles down the road, wander through 300+ horse camps to explore the damp, green landscape of High Nob. Walk by Daisy & Francis's pen and listen to them neigh a welcome, more like begging for food, but it is still an awesome sound when they get excited. If you are in the mood to see tall ledges and petrified wood you can visit the Garden of the Gods just 10 mins away. In early spring you have your choice of waterfalls and rushing creeks! Not to mention horseback riding a mere 20 miles away. The list goes on and on for what we like and our friends like and most everyone in the Midwest enjoys.

What her question did was open my eyes to what others may want to know. What are the many reason's people visit? What do they want to know before they come? What does our area have to offer that makes it appealing? Over the next few posts we will be exploring what there is to do at Rim Rocks Dogwood Cabins and the surrounding area. We are going to share what others have said in their own words that makes the come back month after month and year after year. We would love to hear from the reader's as well. Please visit our Rim Rock's Dogwood Cabin's Forum share your opinions, pictures or just say "Hi"!

During this post we are just going to discuss what you can do on the property.

Overview Map

Map of the Property

Petting Francis & Daisy

Running with Olly

Chasing Waterfalls around the Perimeters Trails

Freeing Chickens

Frolicking with Tina & Dolly, they love the attention. Especially from dogs.

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