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BahhDonk-A-Mini..Donkey at Rim Rock

It started like any other day...then Steve met up with one of our cabin visitors, let's call him Donkey Dad, who asked Steve if he was interested in a few donkey's; Frances and Daisy.

Their family was growing up and he was looking for a new home for them where they would continue to get the love and attention they were used to as they are very affectionate.

Now, just the night before we discussed how; 2 roosters, 17 guineas, 16 chickens, 2 llamas, 4 goats, 3 cats and 3 dogs were quite a handful and we said we were done animal collecting......but we quickly reconsidered as these two girls were just too special. Fast forward and here they are being welcomed to their forever home, Rim Rocks Dogwood Cabin's!

Their precious family came to see them settled in. One of the young ladies that had grown up, and obviously spoiled them, typed (yes, on a type writer) the sweetest letter to help us get to know each other and it was sealed with wax. She covered every detail down to the details of the homemade treats that she made for them. They have been so loved and cared for for the first 16 years; and we hope that we can give them a happy life for the next 25-30 (did you know donkeys can live up to 45 years?!?)

So when you visit be sure to listen for the new "heee haaaaw" when you approach them cause they love visitors....and if you get close enough make sure you rub their back. Although it is pretty evident that they have each others back.....Steve was lucky enough to catch this sweet moment on video.

We are so excited to introduce our newest ladies and hope that you enjoy them as much as us!!

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