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As I look through our Face Book, Instragram, Pinterest and Twitter posts one thing has become clear to me; we live in one of the most beautiful area's of the United States and we have tried to paint a picture for those who don't get to experience the Shawnee every day. Steve runs over to Rim Rock or Garden of the Gods for a shot in the early morning fog and during heavy snow. Almost daily pictures exhibiting the change of colors for the fall.

I would like to take this time to show off what we have to offer our guests. Over the past few weeks we have decorated each and every cabin, it looks like a Christmas bomb blew up!! We have been slowly upgrading each cabin; new tables and chairs, towel racks for all to free up bathroom space, nightstands and lamps, 20+ games, emergency kits for extras, first aid kits and of course Steve's favorite....TV's. The best upgrade we have added to our business is Angie, who cares about the cabins as much as we do, and it shows in everything she does. Look at how those floors shine in the over 100 pictures to show off in every detail, you can see them here and here. Of course, we will never be done upgrading but we are off to a strong start.

Our forum is up and running, begging for your thoughts and comments. When I walk into a cabin the first thing I do is make a bee-line for is that journal. I love to read your journal entries; your observances from the cardinal who lands on the car side view mirror by Cougar to the many observances of deer outside Coyote. Our automated process from the booking online, ready cabin and check out process has it's advantages but we don't get to visit with our guests. We are really looking forward to more conversation and sharing for us, past and future guests.

We have added the mini donkeys, llamas, chickens (22 to be exact), to keep the goats and guineas

company. We consider the animals one of the best features. The llamas and their kisses and the donkey's with their whinnying-neighinnngg. Love watching the llamas run up to the fence when someone approaches, Dolly's hair blowing in the breeze and Tina running and kicking in the air. Sitting and relaxing in the swing is one of my favorite pastimes, and comes highly recommended.

Let's not forget the screened in porch and the fire-pit. Sit and warm up but don't forget to step slightly

away and stare up into the sky. The star-covered blanket you see will amaze you!!!! Most people comment on how they have never seen stars so bright and so many. If you are lucky you will see a satellite or plane (Steve and I get 5 points for satellites and 1 point for planes-if you are competitive like us).

Don't forget to check our out newsletter for all the upcoming events. We have movies, hiking and a big Valentines Day weekend planned and hope to see you there!!

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