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Shameless Plug

Wow! There has been so much going on here; Christmas decorating, hiking in the winter, RRDC activities, humanizing our livestock guardian dog and current saving... Hope you enjoy.

We have been updating and decorating cabins for the Christmas season. We thought one tree was time consuming... 19 trees, wreaths and garland will wear you out. Please visit our cabins page for updated photos of each cabin. There are a few people who regularly visit for Christmas time and hope they enjoy it. We have updated the TV's, game collection, bedding, decorating, lighting and most importantly the housekeeping. Angie has been with us for about 6 months and she adds a fresh touch to each and every can see the shine in the current pictures.


RRDC Entrance 11/2018

At this time of year the cabin rentals start to decline, we speculate it is due to the weather but we don't pretend to understand it. Hiking in the cooler temperatures without the foliage on the trees is literally a sight most don't get to see. Winter is a time when you sweat less and experience few crowds. The silence of just your footsteps is an added bonus.

Garden of the Gods 11/2018

Imagine having Garden of the Gods to yourself. As the sunsets it is just you and the sound of the sun dipping behind the horizon. Often times, Steve runs over to get shots like this one just so he can share the beauty. He has been busy this year, trying to capture the sites of the Shawnee. We were very fortunate to have a longer than usual fall. If you follow us on Facebook you can see more of his handiwork.


We have a busy winter planned and hope you had time to read our newsletter and check out out calendar. Steve has organized a clean up for Rim Rock and is offering free nights in the cabin in exchange for time cleaning up the park for the second week in December. He will also be offering hikes to the guests, location picked by the guest. We have organized a movie showing on a 14 ft screen for December 22, most likely in the barn with a bon fire to keep us warm right outside. In February we have Valentine's Day weekend set aside for couples and friend who want to mingle. All events require reservations so please book early to reserve your spot by calling, texting or emailing us.


Scout  posing with his bone.

Our LGD, Scout has turned out to be more of a HGD...human guard dog. I can't say that we mind. There is something comforting about a 100# dog wondering around on the porch at all hours going inside and outside through his XL doggie door, that helps you sleep at night. We have fallen head over heels for the gentle giant who briefly visits us in the house but much prefers the cooler temps outside right now. He fits in nicely with our menagerie and we are grateful for his patience. Turns out llamas inherently protect chickens; having kept the flock safe for several months without any effort so now we have LGL....livestock guardian llamas.

Please stay tuned as we continue to make changes we will keep you updated. Don't forget for the month of December rentals are 20-45% off!!!! So book now, the place is filling up quick!! Please share your feedback on our forums page.

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