Scout the Chicken Whisperer...eventually

Molly inspecting White Jersey Giants and Lavenders

What an interesting, sad and happy month it has been. Our infamous Molly went missing and then in

quick succession EIGHT more chickens went missing. After investigation we determined it was a fox. To many she was just chicken but to me and my family she was our pet; wandering around the deck and the house looking in the windows and running up to be held. One second she was inspecting our latest batch of chickens and 15 minutes later......gone without a trace. She was the most loving and unique chicken. Earlier in the week she posed with one of the girls for her picture, with her sweet inquisitive look. Always willing to be held and cuddled. Visit previous blogs for more Molly antics....

Molly and Loren

Much to my very patient husbands dismay we had to quickly purchase an additional coop