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Stop and Smell the Flower's....

Now is the time to visit the Shawnee National Forest! After the long drawn out winter there are glimpses of Spring everywhere. Last weekend my husband ask me what "this" tree was and then proceeded to tell me that the smell made him want to "mow the yard all day by the tree"... How funny? Turns out it was a Cherry Blossom and the delightful smell was still lingering in the air. After several hours cleaning out the brush surrounding the tree, sadly we didn't even get a picture. Visitor's to Coyote Hollow who enjoyed the Cherry Blossom can now smell the Wisteria that climbs the pergola covered bench.

We have a large variety of foliage on the property; most notably the Dogwood (1/2 of our name sake). They are everywhere with their tiny daisy like blooms.


Big and small there is lots to see. While hiking our trail you are sure to see a variety of each of the below flowers. A few are labeled and they may either be correct or incorrect. I am just recently learning more about wildflowers. Feel free to jump in any time and correct or help out.

Sharp Lobed Hepatica
Marsh Blue Violet

More Wisteria is blooming at the pavilion and it smells so fresh and clean. You should head on over to our wedding page to see what the pavilion looks like "all dressed up" to entertain.


Daisy showing off her pedicure with Francis in the background. She's so serious some times.

As we weeded, pruned and mulched we found this little gem nestled in the Yucca's and just had to bring it out to show it off. Placed strategically next to the Donkey's pen to make Daisy and Francis feel taller.

Seems like the humans are not the only ones enjoying spring. Dolly just had to nestle in the grass and enjoy the weather, too! She looks a lot less dirty when she is laying down but still regal and somewhat moppish. While she appears to be camera shy she is more than willing to give out free kisses.

Dolly enjoying the spring weather and grass.

Our first attempt at "raised bed' garden. We are so excited in 42, 45, 48 and 61 days we will have tomatoes, peppers, onions, lettuce, squash and zucchini. Hoping for enough to share with our visitors. Planning on installing a fence soon or we will be donating the first crop to the deer.

Whether you come for the weather, the foliage, eggs or garden we hope you enjoy your stay. There is always lots to do and see with the lake 2 miles away, and 100's of miles of hiking in close proximity. Don't forget to check in with us, Steve has lots of pointers for the hiking and I can tell you all the good places to eat if you don't want to cook!!

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