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Tina! Take your Dust Bath!!

We love our girls Tina & Dolly. When we first mentioned to a guest that we were getting llama’s the first words out of her mouth was “you have to name one Tina!” She is alluding to the film Napoleon Dynamite’s Tina infamous llama who was told to eat her d*** dinner! Of course U-Tube has a million clips of the famous Tina’s.. of course we eagerly complied!

The best thing about being new to llamas is that the llamas don’t know any better and we don’t know any better so we just do what feels right!

They have hung out with us having a cocktail..

We have given them multiple no avail! Which was super fun but not overly productive.

And when we heard one of our wedding guest wanted a picture with them we rushed out once again to bathe them...but it was a painful experience for everyone.

We’ve even take Dolly for a few van rides!! When all is said and done we feel that nature take its course and they are bathing them selves. Dust style!

So when you look out at the girls and see them rolling around and w stiring up the Dust then you’ll know that’s their way of “cleaning”. Wonder no more this is their clean!

Hope you enjoyed our blog! Steve & Taea

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