December 1, 2017

We love our girls Tina & Dolly. When we first mentioned to a guest that we were getting llama’s the first words out of her mouth was “you have to name one Tina!” She is alluding to the film Napoleon Dynamite’s Tina infamous llama who was told to eat her d*** dinner! Of...

October 17, 2017

We love our animals....alot. Our philosophy is we don't know everything you are supposed to do and not do AND the animals don't know everything you are supposed to do and not do so between all of us we do what we like. So we liked seeing what Molly would do if we invit...

October 17, 2017

Our Molly is a quite the chicken. We had no idea just how much personality one little amberlink could possess. She comes when called; literally head down, wings air-planing to us for cuddles. 

She truly is one of a kind. Here she is riding on the seat in the Polaris wi...

September 30, 2017

We purchased chickens in February who were supposed to be all Hens but one turned out to be a Rooster. Now we already have one rooster who came with the property, Roosty (Sr. now), who is rather old. Roosty Sr. Crows in the morning and in the daytime and basically when...

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